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For those parents or mom or dad that they don’t have to work outside because their husband or their wives are the one working. Then, it is a great responsibility for you to make things clean and free your home from dirt. Doing house cleaning could be very easy for others because they are following a certain rule and schedule when to clean and some hacks on how things be cleaned quicker and faster. It is similar to those people who are working and kids who are going to school. They are following a specific time frame on what to do and when they could start doing it. For example, your kids can’t be late at school. So, it means that you will wake them up early and let them eat their breakfast and take a shower and prepare their uniforms and their school bags. You are following a daily routine so you won’t miss anything because you are used to it. For those parents who are working, they should practice multitasking so that they can take care of their kids before going to work and send their kids to school as well.  


If you have the mindset that the mom or the day or the house maid is the one responsible for doing these things at home. You should change that kind of thinking. Let them realize that doing a household chore can’t be done only by one person. You can try to talk to your family members in group as they can give suggestions as well and you will know how to properly deal with all of the ideas. You share to them that if only one person will work, he or she will be tired and don’t want to clean anymore. If that happens the place and every area will be dirty and messy and everyone will be sick because of it.  

If everyone agrees to help each other, then you can set now the time for each person. You will make a schedule where everyone needs to follow it. You can ask them of the things and household chores that they can do. Choose a perfect time for them to do it. Make sure that it won’t affect their playtime schedule and making their homework time. You can alter the working task every two weeks so that everyone would not feel tired of doing the same thing and routine. Of course, education is still very important so if they don’t have much time on the weekdays, they can still help you on weekends.  

We all know that following this could not be very easy especially for kids. But letting them to understand the positive view of it. They would realize how important it is to make things in order and try to follow a certain rule. You can always remind them that they can do it in a fun way. For example, while scrubbing the floor or cleaning their room, they can play a music to dance with.  

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